Best Binoculars for a Cruise

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Vast oceans, marine life splashing around, and gorgeous mountain landscapes in the distance—being on a cruise offers a spectacular list of sights to see. This doesn’t even include the memories you’ll make at your port—or ports—of destination.

That’s why we recommend a good pair of binoculars to maximize your ability to take it all in. These allow you to get a closer view, great for bird watching or spotting dolphins out in the sea.

To help you decide, we’ve rounded out the best binoculars for a cruise in this in-depth review. We hope it helps! 

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Here’s an overview of what we’ll be covering in this article

The POLDR 8×21 is an all-around, inexpensive binocular that is very discreet and compact. Its most significant advantage is its low price, which makes it suitable for use by just about anyone, but especially younger kids. It’s great as a secondary binocular whenever it’s not safe to use your primary, more expensive one, too

Cycvis Binoculars are one of the best options for kids. They are exceptionally durable and can withstand both substantial impacts and friction from constant use

SGODDE Compact Binoculars are an inexpensive yet durable all-weather choice. They are waterproof, but that’s limited to brief encounters with rain. Despite this limitation, they are pretty durable. Optics and image quality are excellent overall

Eyeskey 8×42 binoculars are one of the most durable binoculars you can get being wholly water-resistant and shockproof as well. They’re the perfect travel binocular since they can withstand any kind of weather condition

Bushnell 10x40s are ideal for watching sports events in a vast arena, such as football. The autofocus technology lets you lock in on distant objects, allowing for an easy and hassle-free viewing experience

Bushnell 4×30 Extra Wide binoculars are suitable for events with more extensive stages or arenas such as concerts and races. They give you a much better viewpoint at the expense of magnification. For the right applications, however, these binoculars are unlike any other on this list.

The Best Binoculars

There are many binoculars options available for different situations. We’ve tried to cover all the major ones here. These include the best binoculars for watching sports events or those that are waterproof. We’ll also present the best binoculars to buy when you’re on a budget.

Out of all these selections, however, one stands out. That would be the Eyeskey 8×42 Binoculars. After weighing factors like image quality, durability, usage, and other factors, we find this is the best product to buy.

The reason is simple—they’re very flexible. Since they’re completely waterproof, you can safely take them on a cruise. When you leave the ship at your ports of call, you can use them there as well, even if it’s a beach or somewhere with lots of water. Whatever the situation, the Eyeskey binoculars will most likely fit the bill.

Therefore, if you’re looking for just one pair binoculars, this is the option that will give you the most bang for your buck.

Best Cheap Binoculars POLDR 8×21 Compact Binoculars

These compact binoculars are great for just about anything but are especially useful for kids. They’re small and lightweight, making them suitable for smaller frames. Best of all, they’re dirt cheap.


POLDR 8×21 binoculars are one of the most compact and lightest binoculars out there, weighing in at just only 0.38 pounds. Most kids and adults will have no trouble holding on to these. 

In terms of image quality, they’re actually surprisingly sharp considering the budget price of the POLDR. They use an FMC multi-layer broadband green film that gives higher contrast images that work well in low light situations. This is in contrast to the usual red film that can damage your eyes.

Overall, POLDR gives excellent value for your money.


  • The compact size makes them pocketable for secure storage 
  • Gives surprisingly clear images despite the price
  • Reasonable price


  • Has a smaller field of view

Best for children: Cycvis Binoculars for Kids


These robust and waterproof binoculars are very durable – perfect for kids to use anytime during your trip.



Cycvis binoculars are made explicitly with kids in mind. First, they use a rubber coating that absorbs damage caused by impacts from drops and friction from usage. These make them very handy for kids who frequently drop things.

This rubber technology also makes them quite comfortable for your child to use but don’t think for a second that they’re a mere toy – they can reach magnification levels of up to 8X, with a range of 400 feet. This is thanks to the BAK-4 prisms and 22mm diameter lens that provide colorful and sharp images.


  • Affordable price
  • Completely shockproof and waterproof
  • Comfortable to use
  • High magnification and image quality


  • Image quality not up to par with decent adult binoculars

Best Waterproof Binoculars: SGODDE Compact Binoculars

These are an all-around binocular that gives excellent durability and water resistance, making them perfect in any weather condition.  


SGODDE binoculars are an outdoorsman’s dream with impressive range and depth. They have a 10×25 high-powered lens, made with BAK-4 prisms, and use FMC green film. Combined, these give a tremendously bright and crisp image quality. It can give up to 10x magnification, allowing you to see objects close up as well as far away—up to 1,000 yards.

These binoculars are also made with outdoor weather in mind, so they’re highly water-resistant.

Every seam is sealed with a rubber ring to prevent water from seeping in and damaging the lens and other internal components.

We highly recommend these for your next cruise. Constant mist sprays from the ocean can get into your binocular lens, which the SGODDE easily prevents.


  • Powerful magnification
  • Waterproof
  • Compact and lightweight body


  • Can’t survive complete submersion in water

Best Overall: Eyeskey 8×42 Binoculars 

This pair of binoculars is one of the better water-resistant models on the market, and can even resist fogging


The design of the Eyeskey 8×42 makes it impervious to moisture and water. All the seams and holes of this unit are filled in with nitrogen and sealed with a rubber o-ring. This creates an impenetrable barrier, making the Eyeskey 100% waterproof.

This also makes the lenses less prone to internal fogging, which can be very annoying. Especially if you frequently move between locations with different temperatures and humidity levels.

The frame is also made of thick, anti-slip material, making the Eyeskey 8×42 the ultimate outdoor gear.


  • Completely waterproof
  • Resistant to internal fogging
  • Durable construction and thick frame
  • Allows up to 8x magnification


  • More expensive

Best Sports Binoculars Bushnell 10×40 Spectator Sport Binoculars

These binoculars have underlying technology that makes watching sports from afar effortless.


Bushnell 10×40 binoculars are a sturdy pair of binoculars that make it a joy to become a spectator. Yes, even if you’re seat is far away from the action. The proprietary Permafocus technology enables the binoculars to “lock on” to a faraway object, without you having to adjust it constantly. This allows you to watch and enjoy rather than trying to play catch up!

The image quality produced by the Bushnell is sharp and clear. They work even when it’s raining thanks to their waterproofing. In addition, they have switchable color tiles so you can swap them to match the color of your team while viewing. 

Overall, these are a great pair of binoculars, whether you’re watching in a big stadium or using it on your vacation.


  • Auto focuses on distant objects
  • Color tiles allow for customization
  • Good image quality


  • Steeper price tag


Best For Wide Landscapes: Bushnell 4×30 Extra Wide Spectator Binoculars


This pair of Bushnells gives you the ability to see things far away, but up to 3x wider than your typical binocular  


The Bushnell 4×30 offers a wide 900-inch field of view that allows you to see all the action even from far away. It’s perfect for concerts and sports events that require a wider field of view, such as racing events.

It also uses proprietary Permafocus technology, so the action is broad and precise at the same time. 

Overall, if you want a shorter-range binocular but with a broader view, consider the Bushnell 4×30.


  • A vast field of view perfect for big stages and racing tracks
  • Auto focuses on distant objects
  • Easy on the eyes


  • Only 4x magnification


Final Thoughts

We’ve covered all the best binoculars for a cruise, including many different categories, ranging from the very budget-friendly, to the hardy waterproof types. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect pair for your next trip right here. 

All the options on our list are excellent choices, but in our opinion, the best binocular you can get for a cruise trip is the Eyeskey 8×42 binoculars. For one, they have complete water and internal fogging resistance, which is an absolute must in the misty environment of a cruise ship. Plus, you can take it with you wherever your destination is, be it a beach or a city.

All in all, the Eyeskey wins with its flexibility and durability.