We Found The Best Camera for a Cruise

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Going on a cruise gives you the opportunity to look at some spectacular sights. From the vast ocean to fantastic wildlife, there’s never a dull moment when you’re onboard. Not to mention all the beautiful memories you’ll have with your family and friends.

All the above requires a decent camera to record all of it withbut you can’t just use any ordinary camera. You need a hardy camera that can withstand the wear and tear of outdoor usage. 

So today, we’ll find the best camera for a cruise so that you’re ready for your next trip.

Best Overall

For us, one camera stands out for us, and that’s the Olympus Tough TG-6. This is a winning combination of image quality, extreme durability, and pleasant aesthetics.

The unit is completely waterproof, shockproof, and even freeze-proof. The 4K HD resolution and 120 fps allow for some creative, slow-motion footage.

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The camera might seem expensive, however. In that case, we also highly recommend the AKASO V50 Pro for its ruggedness and quality, at a more affordable price tag. It might not be as expensive as GoPro, yet it has more useful features like 4K resolution and image stabilization.

Regardless of your needs, we’ve listed the best cameras from various categories below. Here’s the summary of what you can expect.

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The AbergBest 21 MP Camera is the perfect affordable all-rounder. It gives great features while being so cheap that you can treat it as a disposable. It’s the ideal camera for giving to younger kids, or if you don’t want to risk using more expensive equipment.

The Suntak HD Camera is at the budget level but has slightly better features and quality. It’s a good starter camera for older kids and teens when out on a cruise trip, but be careful as they’re not that durable

The Dragon Touch 4K is a surprisingly affordable camera, given that it’s very rugged and durable. It’s one of the most accessible underwater cameras you can buy, perfect for taking out on a cruise trip or when exploring the beach at your ports of destination.

The Olympus Tough TG-6 might be the toughest, most hardy camera you’ll ever come across. Combined with fantastic photo and video quality, this is the last camera you’ll ever need, or at least it’ll be your primary vacation camera for quite some time.

GoPro HERO 7 is one of the latest versions of the famous action camera brand. If you’re an extreme sports junkie, you’ll appreciate the video resolution and image stabilization features that make for really smooth footage despite the jerky movement.

The AKASO V50 Pro is a good alternative if you don’t want to spend as much on an action camera. It’s as rugged and durable as a GoPro camera and has image stabilization and video quality as well. It’s a great introductory action camera.

Our in-depth review will also cover the many different categories of cameras you might consider, from really cheap ones to those you can use underwater.

Best Cheap Camera: AbergBest 21 MP Camera

This is a super affordable, all-around camera that you can use to snap up photos or videos for the cheap. Great for use by little kids or seniors, or as a backup camera


The AbergBest is a small and lightweight camera with 21 megapixels of resolution. It also allows you to record videos, effectively making it a lightweight camcorder.

The camera has a bright 2.7-inch TFT LCD display, where you can preview shots or change settings on the fly. It has lots of useful functions and features as well, such as face detection, anti-shake, and up to 8x digital zoom, among others.

Best of all, it’s super cheap compared to the alternatives out there. It’s not as durable but, hey, it’s the closest you can get to a high-quality, disposable camera.


  • Super affordable
  • High-resolution 21 MP photo quality
  • Great features like anti-shake


  • Not as durable

Best For Teens: Suntak HD Camera

This a fantastic beginner camera for the teens or young adults, owing to its excellent features at an affordable price. It’s great to take on hiking and camping trips and, of course, cruise vacations.


The Suntak HD Camera is a flexible option that’s capable of taking great photos or recording videos. It can take pictures up to 18 megapixels in resolution, with video recording at 720p resolution.

Note: It also has automatic shooting modes that can help you out, like Auto Face Detection and Smile Capture, great for taking selfies.

You also have the usual modes like Night, Portrait, and Scenery.


Excellent resolution at 18 MP

Lots of shooting modes

Affordable price


  • Doesn’t record sound on video capture

Best Waterproof Cameras: Dragon Touch 4K

This action camera is a decent tool to capture your footage during water sports and activities. It’s pretty affordable compared to the other more expensive action cameras out there on the market, too.


The Dragon Touch camera offers 4K HD resolution recording, which captures action shots brilliantly.

The 16-megapixel photo quality isn’t as high resolution as some of the options on our list, but it does a decent job, nonetheless.

This camera is waterproof up to 30 meters. Being an action camera, you can also mount it almost anywhere, from your car to your helmet. You can conveniently control the camera via a wireless remote-control wristband.

The video quality can get pixelated at times, and the durability can be spotty, but for the price, it’s still a steal for an action camera.


  • 4K resolution gives outstanding video quality
  • Waterproof up to 30 meters
  • Remote control wristband included


  • Video quality can get pixelated at times

Best Overall: Olympus Tough TG-6

This digital camera is as durable as it is stunning. It’s the ultimate camera to bring on almost any trip, from casual to extreme.


The Olympus Tough TG-6 is a “heavily armored” digital camera. It’s waterproof at up to 15 meters and is shockproof at heights of up to 2.1 meters. It’s also freeze-proof and fog-proof.

This camera is designed for use underwater, with various submerged shooting modes like three different underwater white balance modes.

It’s capable of shooting videos at up to 4K HD resolution at 120 fps, which allows for great looking slow-motion footage.

Overall, the Olympus Tough TG-6 is the last camera you’ll ever need. It can survive every vacation or trip imaginable.


  • Vibrant and crisp image quality
  • Stunning outer exterior
  • Waterproof, shockproof and freeze-proof
  • Reasonably compact


  • A little on the expensive side

Best Sports Cameras: GoPro HERO 7

The gold standard in sports cameras, this iteration of the GoPro HERO series, gives amazing and smooth video quality while on the go. Perfect for the serious user!


HERO 7 is one of the latest in the line of action cameras by the popular GoPro brand. It features a 4K60 resolution that gives smooth, high-quality video footage even when you’re moving at high speeds in extreme conditions.

It has a built-in image stabilization feature, so your videos won’t appear blurry even with extreme movement.

Best of all, it’s wholly shockproof and waterproof, up to depths of 10 meters, without the need for any protective case.

With a host of other powerful features, the HERO 7 sets the standard for what action cameras should be.


  • 4K60 resolution is explicitly made to record action shots
  • Stabilizes footage automatically
  • Waterproof and shockproof made for rugged conditions


  • Expensive – Especially if you’re only going to use it on the cruise

Best Cost-Effective Action Camera: AKASO V50 Pro

This sports camera is an excellent alternative to the GoPro if you don’t want to go the more expensive route. Nevertheless, it can perform just as well and is as rugged and durable as the big-name camera.


The AKASO V50 Pro is a 4K HD resolution camera that can shoot at a standard speed of 30 fps. The photo quality is at a decent 20 megapixels, so expect a crisp and vibrant output.

This camera is also equipped with Electronic Image Stabilization, which does a good, although limited, job of preventing a blurry image. It does OK at fast movements.

Waterproof to depths of up to 30 meters and featuring an intuitive touchscreen, the AKASO V50 is an able action camera in its own right.


  • Powerful 4K HD resolution
  • Stabilizes image automatically
  • Waterproof up to 30 meters


  • Can’t do more than 30 fps video

Final Thoughts

We’ve rounded out our picks for the best camera for a cruise. While there’s a lot of options, our money goes to the Olympus Tough TG-6. It’s a sturdy and durable camera, with excellent photo and video quality and features. For every trip imaginable, this is THE camera to bring.

If the price is a little too high, though, you can opt for the AKASO V50 Pro. This gives you a good balance between affordability and value. You get the ruggedness and image quality of a GoPro but without the high price tag. At the end of the day, it’s more than enough for your cruise vacation.