Best Cruise Destinations for First Timers

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Finally, ready to go on your first cruise? Ready to embark on that journey full of breathtakingly beautiful moments and everlasting memories?

The first part of this preparation is to choose the best place out of the lot. You may look for a tropical destination that’s affordable and offers the best beaches and beauty.

So, what shall be your pick? A royal cruise of the Caribbean or the mind-blowing Mediterranean? To make things smooth and easy for you here’s a list of the best cruise destinations for first-timers.

The Bahamas

A cruise to the Bahamas is one of the most easily accessible and affordable vacations you can go on.

Just 50 miles off the Florida coast, the Bahamas islands are on the itinerary of all major cruise liners throughout the year which includes, The Royal Caribbean, Disney, and the Carnival.

If you are out in the sea on a cruise for the first time, a short trip of 2 to 5 nights to the Bahamas is ideal and easy on your pocket. The lengthier options of 7 to 8 nights include visits to Freeport or Newport in Key West and one of the private islands of the cruise liners.

The exclusive private beaches with plenty of options for water sports make it an ideal package for first-time cruisers.

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Eastern Caribbean

The cruise includes the port cities of St. Marteen and San Juan along with the US and the British Virgin Islands that offer a spectrum of beautiful beaches and splendid, vivid villages.

All the destinations provide for an amazing shopping and fine dining experience.

You will board these cruise liners from convenient ports such as Fort Lauderdale, Miami, New Orleans, and New York.

Short weeklong cruises for first-timers are recommended but if you can bear the sea long enough, the long sailing would sure not be disappointing.

A visit to St Thomas for all your duty-free shopping, and the wonderful sunny days at the Magens Bay; get them all with the Eastern Caribbean cruise.

Western Caribbean

These cruises usually cost less than the Eastern Caribbean cruises and that makes these cruises the best deal for every first-timer.

The itinerary is popular for all the adventurous beaches and excursions it includes. You can enjoy the cave tubing experience in the Belize city or go hiking to the waterfalls outside the Montego Bay, this seems to be the perfect cruise for the adventurer in you.

Unwind at the Smith Cove beach or savor the cervezas and the ceviche in the main trip of Playa del Carman, this cruise is full of options. Come explore the Stingray City or the Mayan ruins in Mexico and more with this cruise.

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This destination is always in the bucket list of many travelers. Revered and loved for its out of the world scenery, history and a huge stretch of rich wildlife, Alaska is truly a heaven for the true adventurist.

Big ship cruises include a sailing experience and a visit to one of the most popular glaciers while the small expeditions include the visits to smaller ports allowing a better and more tour experience.

Most of the routes or cruises include a glacier bay with some chances of experiencing wildlife in all its glorious action from close quarters.

Western Mediterranean

These cruises promise a great exploration of some of the top European cities in a rather beautiful manner. For the first-timers, we highly recommend especially this guided cruise.

Whether it is the city of Barcelona or the ancient city of Rome, this cruise has plenty of cities that are known for their hospitality.

Wherever you go, you get to experience the rich and iconic history, art, and culture of these regions. Visit the Vatican or the Colosseum or quench your appetite at some seaside cafes and the local wineries, you name it and you get it.

Explore the bustling European city of Barcelona, ancient Roman sites and Cinque Terre in Italy with the amazing Western Mediterranean cruise.

Mexican Riviera

This remains as one of the best cruise options for the beginners because of its proximity to the West Coast.

From California, you can board from any of the departure ports which are San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. The cruise can be taken for short itineraries that offer the iconic “Baja California” and long itineraries that include the Cortez Sea.

You can go zip lining the resort town of Puerto Vallarta or experience some deep-sea fishing off the city of Zihuatanejo. And don’t forget to taste some finely aged wine in Ensenada.

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The Danube and Rhine Rivers

These European rivers offer the most popular itineraries for the first-timers because of all the charming scenery and the list of the best cities are on the offer. The cruise of the Rhine River offers visits to some of the finest European villages such as Rudesheim and Strasbourg.

The Danube cruise includes stops at the cities of Vienna, Nuremberg, and Melk and they dot the entire route with beautiful cities rich in their splendid history, art and culture.

Fairy tale castles, UNESCO Heritage Sites and medieval influences give you mesmerizing glimpses of every region rich heritage and culture that you can explore at your convenience and leisure.

A visit to the city of Amsterdam and Basel along the Rhine, and the cities of Budapest and a tour to the monasteries of Melk are a must-go in these cruises.

Final Thoughts

With this carefully compiled information on the best cruise destinations for first-timers, you should be able to make some informed decisions and choices before getting onboard your first cruise.

Have a look at the prices once and choose the one that strikes a perfect balance between the prices and the package on offer.

But no matter what you choose, you will live and witness some of the best times and moments of your life.