Can a Cruise Ship Captain Perform Weddings?

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Cruise ships are one of the romantic destinations for weddings. Nowadays, it is a popular trend among couples to get married on a cruise. Such a wedding is an efficient and funny way to combine the marriage ceremony, honeymoon as well as vacation altogether. But can a cruise ship captain perform weddings?

Can a Cruise Ship Captain Perform Weddings?

If you are planning your wedding ceremony on a cruise ship, then you must know that the captain of the cruise ship can perform the ceremony, once the ship is in international waters. But according to government rules in the UK and USA, cruise captains cannot perform marriages.

Even, the British Mercantile Marine Office has given warnings and stated that shipboard marriages performed by the captain are illegal.

Does Every Cruise Line Plan a Wedding?

It is a beautiful experience to marry your life partner at sea by a uniformed captain. There are some big ships and mass-market cruise lines that can arrange full-service weddings. On some of the cruise lines, you will not get the facility of onboard weddings. But some cruise lines like Seaborn and Crystal offer high-priced luxury wedding ceremonies with amazing packages, customized amenities, and many more.

Moreover, you can plan for a premium wedding on such cruise ships. You need to relax, and the entire wedding decor and arrangements will be done by the cruise ship. So, you will surely get an extraordinary experience through a cruise wedding. Weddings at cruise ships can be ultimately romantic and memorable part of your life.

Which Captains can Perform Cruise Weddings?

If you are planning to get married at sea by the captain, there are only a handful of cruise lines for legal limitations. These are based on ship’s countries of the registry. Princess Cruise, Disney Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruise, Carnival Cruise Line, Cunard Line, P&O Cruise, Royal Caribbean International, Holland America Line, etc., are some famous cruise lines that organize cruise weddings.

What Type of Couples is Suitable for Cruise Weddings?

Cruise weddings are mostly suitable for those couples who won’t mind about the lack of detailing in a marriage ceremony. They love to keep things simple. The entire cruise wedding tends to be simple from music to flower arrangements. Even on a cruise wedding, you will not get so many choices about arrangements.

According to the wedding size, cruise weddings usually work for smaller guest lists. But some cruises have accommodation for large parties. Some couples do not prefer to invite guests to their wedding. They want to combine their marriage ceremony along with a unique and romantic honeymoon.

How do Cruise Weddings Get Performed?

It depends on the couple how they want their wedding to be organized. Some couples like to get married on the ship before its departure, and some others like to get married on land at a destination port. If the couple can’t afford to take the cruise, they can get the wedding organized on the ship before it sails.

Here, also a couple has to consider the legal requirements when it is about a cruise wedding. Some countries have residential needs, which means the couples have to reside on the island for a certain period to get married at that particular place. Otherwise, couples can have a symbolic wedding at the port.

Couples need to follow several laws of the country where the ship is registered to arrange a wedding event on a cruise. So, whenever any couple would plan for a cruise wedding, they have to do well research about the rules and regulations and contact a travel agent, who specializes in weddings.

Moreover, couples have to apply for licenses in advance for a cruise wedding. Also, keep in mind that cruises may skip ports due to weather, which can be risky if you are planning for a wedding on land.

For How Long a Cruise Typically Works Best for a Wedding?

If any couple is planning to combine their wedding ceremony with a lovely romantic honeymoon, a cruise tour of five to seven days will be ideal. If the wedding party sails along with the couple, the party also continues for the entire cruise. So, naturally, the whole wedding event becomes very memorable for everyone.

What are the Ideal Cruise Locations for Weddings?

The Caribbean is the ideal destination for cruise weddings. But couples have to be aware of residency requirements before booking the date of the wedding event. Apart from the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and St. Lucia are some of the popular destinations for cruise weddings. If someone wants to get the wedding organized at warmer locations, they can try Alaska for their cruise wedding.

Which Time Should One Avoid to Plan a Cruise Wedding?

This answer entirely depends on the destination of the cruise. If a couple wants to plan the wedding in the Caribbean, they should avoid the months from June to November due to the risk of hurricane. Wherever a couple wants to get their event organized, they have to research the weather updates thoroughly to avoid any disaster.

Which does the Cruise Arrange at the Wedding?

The cruise typically provides a wedding coordinator with the cruise wedding package for the couples planning for their marriage. The cruise line organizes music, flowers, photographer, and the officiant in the package. Some of these also might cost a bit extra.

But the registration process for the cruise wedding has to be done by the couple. If the couples want to get the wedding performed on land, they have to arrange all of the details. They can also hire an event planner for perfection.

Final Words

As cruise lines are large event specialists, they will surely help you to make your special day unique and beautiful. But if you are wondering that can a cruise ship captain perform weddings? Then, Yes, the captain of a cruise can perform the wedding ceremony after the ship sails on the international waters.