Can I Go on a Cruise by Myself?

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Solo traveling gives people a chance to indulge in themselves completely. If you had never traveled alone or plan to go on a solo trip on a cruise, then maybe you are asking yourself, β€œCan I go on a cruise by myself?”.

Can I Go on a Cruise by Myself?

Yes, you can go on a cruise by yourself. Solo cruising is a unique kind chance of traveling. You can find a peaceful place by hiding away in your cabin as long as you desire during a cruise. You can decide whether you want to be more social and venture out to explore the ship or can give yourself a me-time on the ship.

You can also meet new people and join a conversation or enjoy an abundance of food, drinks, and entertainment anytime with them. You will meet new people with one common passion, i.e., cruising. You will feel relaxed with your new friends.

Nowadays, solo travelers are making waves. 10% of the travelers on the cruise are solo travelers, and they enjoy their exciting time to be cruising on their own.

What are the Benefits of Going Alone on the Cruise?

    1. Saves Money: Cost is the first thing to be considered when deciding whether to go or not on a cruise alone. The majority of cruise cabins are designed and budgeted for two or more than two people.

      It means that the cost of cabins depends on the double occupancy and you have to pay the double amount for a cabin. But now, cruise lines are starting to hear the call from the solo travelers and providing space for solo travelers.

    2. Exclusive Perks for Solo Travelers: There is access to the unique features for the passengers who have booked single cabins and are not available to those who have brought a buddy. For example, they can access the studio lounge, a meeting and lounging spot with TVs, coffee, tea, and pre-dinner drinks.

      They can have the chance of dining in the main dining room with reservations. They can also mingle with other guests, including informal cocktail hours for singles as well as singles-only ship events. In some ships, they have stand-in gentlemen on call for dine and dance with the single ladies, if they desire to.

    3. Set of Dining Times: If you are a solo traveler, then you can select the flexible dining option. The dining seating is arranged on a reservation or a first-come, first-served basis. And, it is one of the perks of flexible dining. You can also request to be seated with others on the flexible dining if they do not oblige.
    4. Participate in Competitive Ship Activities: There are tons of activities in which you can indulge yourself. The best way to meet people is by putting yourself in front of them. No matter what ship you are on, you can win big from karaoke and pool games to dance-offs competitions. You can also enjoy the game of bingo or camaraderie with fellow cruisers and even make few friends.
    5. Stick to Your Budget: When it comes to budget, people traveling solo or in a big group, they tend to have a general guideline. Cruises are notorious for having optional extras that add up faster. It can be true, especially with the solo cruisers who find themselves to fill their lot of time in casinos, ice-breaking drinks in the bar, or solo serenity in the spa.

      Without having a travel buddy, you can easily find yourself getting out of your budget quickly. So, keep a close eye on your onboard spending and bring some good books to help pass the time.

  1. Enjoy yourself: If you have chosen to cruise solo, that means you do not mind hanging alone, and you enjoy your company. Solo vacation is a great way to unplug and get lost in your thoughts. You can have your schedule to do whatever and whenever you want to at any given time. Solo vacation is a great way to reach your inner soul.

Why Should You Not Think About to Go on a Cruise Alone?

  1. Drinking alone is Not Fun at All: Without your drinking squad, you will be like a sad-sack hitting at the bar alone. You can only enjoy watching others doing fun at the pool party.
  2. Weather can Make Bad Times Worse: When you want to do boating to enjoy the sun and daiquiris, and nature churns up the seas and makes it impossible for boats to get transferred on the island, then you might need your squad.
  3. Introvert Need Not to Apply: For introverts, solo cruising is like revising the first year of high school where everyone is enjoying with their friends having mediocre lunches, reading, and enjoying around. Shipping out solo might be a good option for extroverts who can enjoy their journey by having a conversation with a pool chaise.
  4. Fitness Classes: You can have many fitness options on the ship like aqua cycling, half-underwater cycling on a boat. It will be fun if you will be with your group.

What is the Best Cruise Line for Solo Travelers?

If you are planning to spend some time on a cruise alone, then Norwegian Cruise Line provides plenty of options to plan your singles cruise holiday. There are lots of opportunities to meet fellow passengers on Norwegian sailings. You can get your pride on at the Friends of Dorothy happy hour happening every night.

Norwegian also offers a Solo Cruiser Discount with reduced single supplements for regular staterooms. The Norwegian Cruise Line was the first line to build staterooms for the single cruisers. Studio Lounge is a perfect sized room for solo cruising and a great way to meet new people.

Final Thoughts

Can I go on a cruise by myself? Yes, you can go on a cruise if you want to enjoy new surroundings unfiltered by the prejudices, tastes, or preferences of a traveling companion. It depends on you whether you would enjoy your solo trip or not.