Can You Book a Cruise for One Person?

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Vacation time is precious, which makes every moment memorable. Cruise ships can take you to the unforgettable shores, bucket-list-worthy spots, and game-changing private destinations. But can you book a cruise for one person?

Can You Book a Cruise for One Person?

Solo traveling is famous among cruising passengers. Many ships are now offering single cabins than ever before. Yes, you can book a cruise for one person also. Seeking out for new adventures and destinations might be daunting, but with such an array of cruise lines offering exclusive benefits for solo travelers, it might be difficult for you to say no.

What are the Advantages of Buying Cruise Tickets for Solo Travelers?

Included: Many activities and areas of the ship are designed to meet other solo travelers. Rotating dinner seating is also included with other solo travelers. Activities like a stateroom, room service, gym and pools, onboard nightclubs, shipboard dining, and ship-scheduled singles are included in the ticket price.

Additional Costs: Tipping for the different crew services will either be left in the stateroom or picked up at the purser’s desk. Some cruise lines offer to tip in advance, which can save up to $20 per person for a seven-day cruise.

In one week, you can expect a cruiser to pay about $70-84 per person or $10-$12 per day. In specific planned events, cocktails may be offered free, but alcohol is not included in the price of the cruise. Destination activities like swimming with dolphins, riding horses on the beach, or parasailing priced $80 to $190.

Discounts: You should check with the cruise line for reduced supplemental fees on specific unfilled cruises. Many active military personnel may save about 10% on specific cruises. You can have special saving offers for early bookings, deals for residents, and last-minute bookings. There are small studios that include bathroom and shower facilities.

Are Solo Cruise Cabins a Good Deal?

Solo cabins are not fixed and can fluctuate based on the season, destination, customer demand, and other variable rates. You can compare single cruise room prices with any cruise room to standard cabin prices. You can expect the price of solo cruise cabins higher than the per-person rate for a double-occupancy stateroom, but lower than the rate for a single person booking in a double-occupancy stateroom.

Solo cruise cabins are a better deal than the single supplement rates for singles booking double-occupancy cabins, which average 125 to 200 percent. Inventory of solo cruise cabins is limited, and coveted solo cabins quickly book up on ships. It is suggested to book early to get the best cruise deals.

Solo cruise cabins are always more expensive than just booking an inside stateroom and paying the additional single supplement fee. You may have to pay 220 percent more to book the solo cruise cabin. Solo travelers must find a travel agent to compare solo cruise cabins and double-occupancy cabins with a single supplement before booking and get the best deal.

What Activities Can You Book on a Cruise for More Fun?

1. Explore Ports with a Group:

Shore excursions are a great way to meet people during a cruise. If you enjoy adventures, then you can take a River Tubing Safari excursion and meet other adventurous cruisers. You can also get a chance to meet other people of the same interests.

2. Participate in Onboard Activities:

Several unusual activities are available onboard on your cruise vacation. You can read about the daily activities that are happening on the deck. You can get involved in those activities with your fellow guests.

You can also enjoy with your new friends in the late-night deck parties or can listen to live music with them. You can also play against your new friends in high-energy games like “Deal or no Deal” or can laugh the night away at the Headliners Comedy Club.

3. Go to the Bar and Lounges:

Bars and lounges are also great places to meet other cruise guests. You will discover plenty of people and music at bars. These clubs offer the ideal ambiance for meeting new fellow jazz lovers. You can chill out in the sky vodka ice bar, in which the seats, walls, and the bars are made of ice, and the air is chilling at the temperature 17 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Book the Right Cabin:

You need to book the right cabin as you can find a variety of studio cabins. These cabins onboard provide access to a particular area of the ship geared toward other single travelers, also called the studio lounge.

It is the private shared area of the ship to meet other people who are traveling solo. You can watch TV on the big screen, have drinks and do more activities with other solo cruisers. The studio cabins can be the ideal choice for solo guests on the ship.

5. Get Fit:

Going to the gym and getting fit can be a great way to meet other solo travelers. You can also try to book group fitness classes with your fellow cruisers that are available on the ship.

The indoor cycling class challenges both the mind and the body. Group fitness classes offer a great way to meet people and make friends and get fit at the same time.  

6. Try Something New:

You can try many thrill activities on the cruise ship by making new friends and challenging them in a group. You can walk the plank and experience a thrill as you balance on a plank high above the sea. One can also get a chance to rappel more than 20 feet above the deck of the ship.

There are plenty of opportunities to meet new people and make new friends on the ship. The best part is to enjoy discounts for sailing solo on the cruise line.    

Can You Have Last-Minute Cruising?

It is no longer possible to rush and show up at the dock with a suitcase in hand and hoping to negotiate your way on board for the ultimate last-minute cruise deal. Last-minute cruises are defined as sailings booked between several days and three months before the last date.

Buying a last-minute cruise has its pros and cons. The internet is a terrific resource for deals and travel agencies that regularly receive offers from cruise lines and try to fill ships on close-in voyages.

Final Thoughts

There is always a question in your mind that can you book a cruise for one person? Then, the answer is yes. You can book a cruise for one person with exclusive benefits and discounts offered by many cruise lines.