Carnival Cruises Australia Reviews – All You Need to Know

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Carnival Cruises Australia Review Summary

Enjoying a family vacation that offers many activities suitable for everyone!

Value for money

4.5 stars

some island activities that may need money


5 stars

Things mentioned in the brochure, guests have mentioned as well.

They are pretty clear and honest about what they offer


4 stars

It would be 5 stars if we were to judge it from a family point of view.

Some guests actually complained about the fact that they felt outcasted because they couldn’t find many people within their age group


3 stars

Most of the complaints were about some of the decoration choices on the boat. Like the ones in between the rooms and in some of the restaurants.

Pros and cons

We Like

  • A good price for everything you get
  • A ton of activities
  • Amazing views from the rooms
  • Easy booking
  • Family-oriented
  • Spa
  • Kids club

We Don’t like

  • Long buffet wait
  • Overcrowded during holiday seasons
  • Extra onboard fees for texting
  • Cancellation fees may be applied if it’s too soon to the trip date.

Carnival Cruises Australia is one of the best family-oriented cruises the sea has got to offer. You’ll find lots of activities that guests of all ages can enjoy.

You’ll also get to experience and enjoy different island stops to soak those feet in the sand. This is the ultimate getaway vacation that combines everything that is fun!


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Prices start at $519 AUD


Family holidays are one of the things we look forward to at the end of each year. It’s what helps us put up with school, work, life, you name it!

Deciding as a family what the next destination is can take some time. Some might want to relax on a beach, while others might want to discover new places. What about kids, they’d want to play for sure.

Carnival cruises combine the best possibilities for a family vacation in one place. Depending on how long you plan to take your vacation, you’ll have water days, land days and over 45 activities to be done during the trip.

What is Carnival Cruises?

an overview of who Carnival Cruises are

Basically, it’s a cruise that sets off to different locations based on the length of your stay. The best part about Carnival Cruises is that you’ll never feel bored. There are plenty of activities that can be done on the ship that you’ll literally have no time to try them all!

Having the green thunder waterslide as the steepest waterslide at sea, fitness center, mini-golf course, spa, and much more, guarantees that you and your family will have the fun each of you desires.

Who Can Go On The Cruises?

The cruise doesn’t have any age limit or restrictions. The idea of it is to bring families together though. So you’d find mainly families on this cruise.

Those that are in their 20s-30s and enjoying their single life. Might find some events to skip on or rather not participate in

Overview of Features

Now, this cruise ranges from 3 to 19 days. Depending on how long you’ll book your Carnival Cruises the itinerary will differ a little.

On the cruise, there are more than 45 activities that everyone can enjoy. For instance, you can send your kids to spend time in the pool and the slides that are offered. While you and your spouse can go enjoy a full day at the spa, getting massages and pedicures!

There are a few room selections that you could choose from. You could enjoy a great sea view or even book a suite.

A great option to choose from is the interconnected rooms. This is suitable for bigger families. Your kids can have their own room while you and your spouse get to enjoy your own private space.

What Does the Package Include?

Some of the activities available on the Carnival Cruises

Some of the activities available on the Carnival Cruises

One of the greatest news about this cruise is the price you pay includes a ton of activities that you and your family could enjoy at no extra cost!

  • Accommodation
  • Main meals (selected restaurants)
  • Stage show
  • Karaoke
  • Water park
  • Pools
  • Spas
  • Kid programs
  • Sports court
  • Dive in movies
  • Along with more than 45 activities that vary from one day to another.

Fun Size Cruises

The fun size cruises are the short, simple, and yet the fun type! You can choose between 3, 4, or 5 days.

Weekend Sampler (3 days)

This type of cruise is ideal for those who are looking for a weekend getaway. You’ll spend those days cruising in the water and enjoying the scenes. You can choose to participate in any of the activities found on the boat.

Rates for this cruise start at $519 AUD, prices differ on room type.

Queensland Short Breaks (4 Days)

On this cruise, you don’t get to spend all your time in the water. You will get a chance to stop at Moreton Island for a full day of beach fun.

You can purchase this package at a starting rate of $524 AUD.

Tasmania (5 days)

Here you’ll spend 3 days at sea. Then on the second day, you’ll have a day stop at Hobart and on the third day, you’ll get another stop at Port Arthur.

This package’s starting rate is $599 AUD.

The Longer Trips

These differ depending on the locations you want to visit. You can choose between New Zealand, Singapore, Hawaii, and many others. Those plans start from 6 days to a maximum of 15 days of fun!

Those have as well port day stops where you’ll spend on different ports. To get the most of the

Booking and Things To Know Prior to Your Trip!

Booking your trip can be up to 3 months in advance. We recommend that you do book it within that range though and not a couple of days before or something. The reason is that you might find the tickets sold out!

Make sure that you have a valid passport, at least 6 months. If there are any medical conditions inform Carnival Cruises via email. Along with any special requests for your food!

You should also plan out how you’ll get to and from Sydney airport!

You’ll just need to follow a few simple steps to book your ultimate cruise plan.

  1. Choose how long you’ll want to stay on the cruise.
  2. Based on the length you’ll determine your destination as well.
  3. Choose between the different room types and where on the boat you’d like your room.
  4. Book your cruise.

It’s really that simple!


There are a couple of other cruises that you might want to check out.

Disney Cruises

On this cruise, you get to experience everything, Disney! From decoration to entertainment. There are activities suitable for all ages like water slides, clubs for teenagers and adult nightlife!

Royal Caribbean

This cruise offers different locations that you could choose from. It includes slides and great room view options to choose from. They also have new ships you could choose from that offer more activities that are suitable for all ages!

To Conclude,

I strongly believe that Carnival Cruises offers some of the best features a cruise could offer. By just adjusting a few more activities for those in their 20’s and 30’s and advertising more for that age group. I think it would be the best cruise out there!