19 Cruise Packing Hacks

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Cruising can be fantastic. The wide-open sea area allows you to relax and relax. You can pick multiple destinations and unpack them only once.

Though, there are a few tricks that cruise experts tell us will make the cruise even more cruising.

Here are the best tips we’ve revealed.

1. Pack duct tape

Sometimes the cruise will hit rough seas. When drawers start to open, or objects in the cabin roll – pick up your tape and lock them in place.

2. Pack balloons

Once our office manager asked us to bring balloons to the cruise, we figured it was a dance. Yet she actually says most cruise ships have only one or two hooks. Even the door handles have no surfaces to hang items for you.

If you plan to wash your room, you can blow the balloons up and drape the clothes to dry.

3. Pack magnets

Another way to organize yourself is to bring magnets. They make most walls of the cabin of metal. So go to the hardware table to grab a bunch of magnets. You can then add hooks or even hold important notes and any important info on the board.

4. Put the bag under the bed

Usually, you bury the suitcase in the cupboard when you travel. Experts tell us you should tuck your bag under the bed on a cruise. The space of the closet is restricted and including the bag in it will popular clothing and shoes.

white and black cruise ship on body of water

5. Steam your clothes

The majority of cruise ships feature no irons. Fire and cruises don’t go with each other. You don’t want to take any chance. In fact, the only emergency that we had onboard our ship was because someone left their hair straightener on.

Yet when you have to wear a great shirt or dress for dinner and the wrapping gets scratched.

Use bathroom pressure. In no time will it unwrinkle your clothing. Otherwise, we were advised you could buy “dewrinkle spray” for your clothing. Though, we haven’t checked it, so we can’t guarantee it works.

6. Bring a multi-charger or power board

The majority of cruise cabins have only a few power points. Many consumers are now flying with multiple devices. Catch a multi-charger and connect multiple devices to a single power socket. Or you can hold a power board also.

7. Pack a first aid kit

Yes, on the ship they have first aid. Yeah, they’ve got shops. But save time and pack drugs include Panadol, gastro-stopping, antihistamines and antiseptic cream for first-aid purposes.

8. Bring a HDMI cable

Love a nice night in bed with a nice movie? Download them to your laptop and you can watch movies with the HDMI cable.

white cruise ship

9. Pack an extension cord

Cruise cabins often have limited power boards, as we have said. Sometimes they’re in dangerous areas. If you’re going to use your laptop and it’s battery running out, thank you for telling us to pack an extension lead.

10. Buy in bulk

It’s one we’re intrigued by. Several cruise lines appear to give you a discount to buy bulk drinks. Five beers can save you eight bucks a round for the price of four. Just put the extra later in the refrigerator. The only annoying this is that many will have to open the drinks for you.

11. Book excursions in advance

A huge part of the cruise visits the destinations on the coast. If you are going and sail on a big boat, make sure you book your trips early. You can be sure you’re going that direction. It would be worse if you just get out of the boat to find out that the trip you want to go is sold out.

12. Budget for excursions

This is obvious, but many cruisers fail to think about the extras included. Make sure you know what tours and how much they cost. Instead, make this a factor in your planning.

13. Pack sticky notes

You want to remember your moment of departure? When does the bar open? Or the time you will have your massage? Bring sticky notes to your cabin wall and make your own message board.

14. Stay fit

Most cruises offer infinite and unbounded food options. You will indulge. You will enjoy it. But maybe find time to stay fit onboard, even if it only takes the stairs in place of the lift or swimming in the pool daily.

You can even do some bodyweight exercises if you don’t want to use the onboard gym.

I strongly suggest taking the stairs. If that’s all you do, you’ll be somewhat active.

aerial photography of white and brown cruise ship on water

15. Pack ginger

Don’t you wonder if you’ll get seasick? Ginger is your friend. Ginger is your friend. Ginger helps to make your seasickness better.

16. Choose your cabin wisely

Seasickness worried? You should find a lower deck space in the middle of the ship? Would you like a great view and never feel sick? Go to the upper edges of the deck.

Any room you pick, think hard and long about what you really want from the cruise. How long are you going to spend in the room?

17. Be hygienic 

Sickness can spread on ships and can spread. Make sure you have good hygiene habits to avoid nasties. Wash your hands correctly and maybe pack some toilet hand.

18. Notify the ship of any medical conditions

Even if it’s small. In case of an emergency, the staff will help you.

19. Wear rubber shoes

It can get very slippery on board.