Do I Need to Bring Towels on a Cruise?

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When you’re packing for a cruise, one of the most challenging things to decide is on the toiletries. You want to be sure you carry your own toiletries and items that ensure your personal hygiene. More so because often you are uncertain about the quality and the state of products that are provided in the staterooms. Especially with the towels and the linen. You might think “Do I need to bring towels on a cruise?”.

In this piece, we will find out the answer to that and some other related questions.

Are Towels Provided on a Cruise?

Yes, all cruise ships will have lots of towels available for guests. Not only are there towels in your stateroom that get replaced daily, but there are also beach towels that can you borrow at many stations throughout the ship. 

You already know that the cruise liners make sure you get the best services and experiences to make your stay and travel on the cruise etched in your memories forever.

They provide you with every little thing that you need for a convenient stay, and yes, towels are one of the first things provided on a cruise ship. You will get towels of all shapes that you need, the small-sized face towels, the normal-sized bath towels, and the large bathroom towels.

So you can just get off and move about in the city throughout the day, and when you get back, they will replace all your used towels with fresh ones when you get to your staterooms in the evening. You can carry along the beach towels with you to the beaches and put them in the laundry, and they will be replaced the next day.

You can ask for extra face towels, bath or beach towels and your stewards will be more than happy to supply them to your room.

Carnival even turn your towels into cool animals!

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Why Are Towels Important on a Cruise?

Well, that is not even a question. You need a towel for your everyday usage when you take your bath no matter where you are. At home, while traveling, in a hotel while putting up in a different place or city or even while on a cruise. You need towels wherever you go. While on a Cruise, though, towels get even more essential and useful.

The reason being your cruise involves a lot of beaches and going into waters almost every town you dock or get down for a tour. Also, you come across unpredictable weather in different parts of the journey. While at some places, it can get boiling and sultry, at some other sites it gets super cold and dry.

When it gets too hot, you can’t help but use your face towels to wipe all the sweat away. After a fun session at the beach, obviously, when you get back to the stateroom, you would need that all-important towel. In fact, you might need a towel even when you are at the beach, soaking yourselves in the sun.

So while on a cruise, whether or not you need something else, you need a towel. And you need not one but sheets of all sizes, starting from the small face towels to the medium-sized bathroom towels to the large beach towels.

So do you have to carry your own set of towels every time you set out on a cruise? To find out, let’s begin with the amenities that are provided on these cruise ships.

What Amenities are Available on a Cruise

Once you go on a cruise, it will be one of the most memorable trips you would have ever undertaken in your entire lives. The cruise liners make sure you enjoy your time on board the cruise and off throughout all the destinations while they take care of your stay and everything else on your tour.

From the best lodging facilities for yourself and your family in one stateroom to the most exquisite cuisine onboard, you get everything you need while you are on the cruise ship.

The amenities also include onboard pubs, bars, restaurants, and even swimming pools. The experience ranges anywhere from essential, semi-luxurious to luxurious based on the services you opt for and the packages you chose.

Every service comes for a price, and the same is true for these services as well, but you will receive all kinds of facilities.

So if all those facilities are available onboard some basic ones shall be available. Rightly so, the basic amenities are available too. This includes the availability of private bathrooms in every stateroom with free toiletries.

They also load all rooms with free toiletries such as toothpaste, liquid soaps, shampoos, hairdryers, etc. And your stateroom stewards make sure that all of that is replenished and supplied whenever you need it.

Final Thoughts

If you are on that cruise vacation after years of waiting and saving to make it a grand one, you need not worry about bringing these basic things like the toiletries and the towels.

Get ready, pack your bags with only the things you need. Travel light with the bare minimum things that you need and of course, with all the holiday clothing and other stuff you need.

Save that space for all the shopping you wanted to do and let your cruise liner take care of every other amenity and facility while you are on board. Happy Cruising!!