Does Carnival Cruise Offer Drink Packages?

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The majority of Cruise Lines offer amazing drink packages for the cruisers who hate paying bills individually for every drink. Are you one of them? But, does Carnival Cruise offer drink packages?

Does Carnival Cruise Offer Drink Packages?

Yes, like other Cruise Line, Carnival also offers beverage packages on its ships. There are different packages for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. One can enjoy the drinks and juices at every bar and restaurant. It becomes challenging to pay for every beverage that you or your family members buy. If you have already purchased the package, then you can show the token and get the desired drink.

What is Included in the Bottomless Bubble Package?

It is a non-alcoholic soda beverage package by which you can get unlimited carbonated soft drinks and juices. The price of this package for an adult is 8.50 USD, and for the kid is 5.95 USD, along with a service charge of 18%.

The available soft drinks in the package are all types of Coke, Dr. Pepper, Mr. Pribb, sprite, orange lemonade, root beer, ginger ale, tonic water, club soda, etc. A cruiser can enjoy juices like orange, cranberry, pineapple, tomato, grapefruit, fruit punch, etc.

Other non-alcoholic beverages that are not listed here are not included in the package. Other things are also not involved in the package like bottled water, special coffees, minibar drinks, room service drinks, gangway drinks, souvenir drinks, etc.

What are the Restrictions Applied on the Packages?:

Several restrictions are applied to these drink packages.

  1. One cannot order more than one drink at a time.
  2. All the drinks are served in a glass to the cruiser.
  3. It is essential to book the package for the entire duration of the cruise.
  4. There is no refund on the package if you do not like the services.
  5. The beverage package is non-transferrable.
  6. This package is only applicable on board.
  7. The Bottomless Bubbles package is not offered on the European itineraries.

What is Included in the Carnival Cheers All-Inclusive Package?

If any cruiser is interested in drinking cocktails, wine or beer at the time of dinner, then he must book the Carnival Cheers All-Inclusive package. The price of this package is 51.95 USD per head/day if you book in advance and 56.95 USD per head/day if you book onboard. The price of the beverage is charged along with an 18% service tax. It is applicable only for 3 to 4 nights cruises.

It consists of various alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, as listed.

  1. Vitamin or coconut water
  2. Soda drinks as well as non-alcoholic frozen cocktails
  3. Beer and wine that comes up to 20 USD
  4. Powerade, Honest Tea and Rocky Star energy drink
  5. All types of spirits including cocktails
  6. Special coffees and teas that you can drink in the specialty restaurants, main dining room, and coffee bars
  7. Water bottles of 1 or 1.5 liters in the main dining room and specialty restaurants
  8. 500 ml water bottle in bars and lounges
  9. 25% discount on the spirit, cocktail or wine that cost more than 20 USD
  10. 25% discount on all the beverage classes and seminars

What are the Restrictions Applied to the Carnival Cheers All-Inclusive Package?:

According to the rules of the Cruise Line, several restrictions are applied to the cruisers. They can buy this package only if they follow such restrictions.

  1. The minimum age to buy this package should be 21 years.
  2. It is crucial to book the package for the entire cruise duration.
  3. The package is available for all the passengers in the same cabin.
  4. If you are a minor, then you must book the Bottomless Bubbles package.
  5. A person will get only one drink at a time.
  6. There is no refund after purchasing the package.
  7. You can purchase a maximum of 15 alcoholic drinks in 24 hours.
  8. This package is applicable only on board.
  9. The Cheers package will not be offered on the European itineraries.

What are the Important Things About the Beverage Programs?

It is essential to consider some of the essential terms at the time of purchasing the Carnival Cruise Line drink package. It includes taxes, drinks selling rules, price adjustments, discounts, etc.

Here are some of the essential things about beverage programs.

  1. The Value Added Tax (VAT) of 10% is applied on specific European itineraries on the Carnival Horizon.
  2. This Cruise Line also implements price adjustments. It can either rise or fall even on the day of sailing. It can also replace previously advertised prices.
  3. According to the state laws, the Cruise Line cannot sell the beverage packages until 6 AM. It is not allowed on the second day of sailing if your ship departs from Texas or New York home ports. If you purchase the drink packages on the first day of sailing, then you will enjoy all the drinks that will be charged from your shipboard account.
  4. If you buy drinks for your friends at the ship, then the price of one drink will include in your ship account. The other beverages will be credited to the sail and sign account of your friend. The payment must be made by cash or credit card.
  5. State and local taxes will be charged to the guest’s account. For instance, a $3 drink will be charged with a 10% tax in Texas.

Is it Worthy to Buy Drink Packages?

It is worthy of purchasing drink packages if you are always out on excursions. It is difficult to pay for a drink every time. It is better to have a token of the drink package. The cost of the drink will automatically deduct from your shipboard account.

Drinking packages are comparatively cheaper than buying drinks individually. Therefore, it is worthy and very convenient to purchase drink packages.

Final Thoughts

Travelers ask for many common questions while booking for the cruise vacation. Does Carnival Cruise offer drink packages? You can get fantastic beverage packages, which includes juices, beer, wine, sodas, and other drinks at a reasonable price.