Does Carnival Cruise Offer Military Discount?

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Now, a military member can also go on a cruise vacation and spend quality time with their family. Many cruise lines offer special discounts to the people serving the nation. But does Carnival Cruise offer military discounts?

Does Carnival Cruise Offer Military Discount?

Yes, Carnival Cruise provides impressive discounts on the ticket, food, and cabin package to the military members. Now, you must be thinking about how much discount a person will get on this cruise?

So, the discount is $25 to $250 per head less than the rate for other civilians. The total discount is a percentage of the amount which is applied to the top of Carnival’s military discount. The entire discount depends on the price of the cruise ship.

Who is Eligible for the Military Discounts on the Carnival Cruise?

Not every person cannot go on a cruise vacation. The eligibility criteria help in qualifying the military members for the cruise discount. Let us check who is eligible for the discounts on the cruise.

  1. Active, retired, US Coast Guard and Reserve personnel
  2. The spouse of the active military member is eligible to book the cabin. It is essential to submit a copy of marriage proof, official military orders, and duties documentation.
  3. Active, honorably discharged and retired military member of the National Guard
  4. Active Cadets
  5. USPHS (US Public Health Services) uniformed members
  6. Veterans or people who served in the military for two years or during wartime or have discharged honorably.

What are the Restrictions on the Discounts Offered by the Carnival Cruise?

The discounts are offered on the cruise line along with certain restrictions. Here is a list of restrictions on the rates and discounts by the Carnival Cruise Line.

  1. Qualified military personnel can book only one stateroom in the discounted rates.
  2. Retired military personnel can book one stateroom. It is a must for the member to travel in this stateroom.
  3. Military discount rates do not apply to the employees of the Department of Defense/Civilian personnel, military contractors, and affiliates.

What is the Booking Procedure?

A military member must book the cruise and other packages in advance. There are different booking procedures for different military members, like the military personnel should submit eligibility verification for all the confirmed bookings.

The documents like copy of LES (Leave and Earning Statement), retirement papers, proof of honorable discharge, etc., are included in the eligibility verification. If you are an active military cadet, then you need to submit a letter from the commander or a copy of a military pay stub.

The Canadian documentation includes a copy of NDI 20 for active members and 75 for honorably discharged. It is a must to submit all the documents within 72 hours to get military offers and confirmed reservations. You can also email or fax the employment verification to the interline desk of Carnival cruise.

How Many Cabins are Offered in the Carnival’s Military and Veteran Discount Rate?

The discounted military rate is only applicable to the single cruise cabin, including military members or veterans. The Carnival Cruise provides two additional cabins twice a year in May and November at the military price. Many third-party websites provide amazing offers of Carnival Cruise to the military members.

Can Military Members Enjoy Group Cruise on Carnival?

Yes, military members can come to the cruise with their group. There are special offers and discounts if you bring a group along with you. You can get every possible rate and perks on all the cabins that you book for the group. A group cruise is comparatively more affordable as compared to a single military member.

It is one of the great options for the military and veteran families to enjoy a cruise vacation. The military group is allowed to book eight cabins with at least 16 passengers. These are the minimum number of cabins and people required for the military and veteran groups on the Carnival cruise.

What is the Money Deposit Schedule of Carnival Cruise Line for Military and Veteran Groups?

You need to pay $25 per head for holding cabins within 60 days. The total deposit of $250 per head is due within six months of the first deposit. The final payment must be made 60 days before sailing for 2 to 5 days cruise.

If you are going 6 to 9 days cruise, then you must pay 75 days before sailing. The group fare code is very close to the price of the Early Saver fare code. It is entirely refundable up to the final payment. If the rate of the cruise bounces up, then it does not affect the group price.

What are the Benefits to the Military and Veteran Groups on the Carnival Cruise?

The Carnival Group cruises offer several benefits and perks. It is also known as fun points or group amenity points. The number of fun points depends on the selected cruise and the number of passengers in a group. The fun points are counted between 0 to 4.

The group can choose either onboard credit amount or gift choices by using the amenities points. The group can achieve tour conductor credit per 8 cabins. This credit depends on the average net-fare code of the eight cabins.

If all the booked cabins are inside, then the credit amount will be one inside cruise fare. But you have to pay taxes as well as port charges. The credit allocated person organizes the group.

In addition, the cruise line provides a group of military benefits and deals. There is an additional discount on the cruise fare. Therefore, every group member needs to pay less if they booked directly from Carnival.

Final Words

Military members can spend their vacation with their families on the cruise. Many people keep on asking this question, “Does Carnival Cruise offer a military discount?”. Like other famous cruises, it also offers military discounts. There are fantastic offers and deals on the cruise to enjoy with your family and group.