Does Disney Cruise Offer Drink Packages?

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Are you going on a vacation with your family on Disney Cruise? You must be searching for food, alcohol and beverage packages that are offered by this Cruise Line. Does Disney Cruise offer drink packages?

Does Disney Cruise Offer Drink Packages?

Yes, it provides all the types of drinking packages including alcohol, bottled water, tea, coffee, juices, wine, beer and much more. One can purchase the packages to enjoy beverages onboard without carrying one of the bottles with them. It is permitted to bring your bottles of wine and beer, but only limited bottles are allowed.

According to the Alcohol policy of the cruise line, if you are 21 years old or more than that, you can bring two bottles of unopened wine or six beers or champagne onboard. You can carry these beverages in your carry bag. The bottles or cans must be sealed, and if any broken seal is found, then it will get discarded.

If you are carrying any restricted alcohol along with you, then it will be removed from your luggage. There will be no compensation on any of the destroyed bottles. You cannot bring spirits and liquors like vodka, gin, etc. If you are going on a cruise for many days, you must purchase the package instead of carrying your bottles.

What are the Beer Packages Available on Disney Cruise Line?

Two beer packages are available on this cruise line. You can purchase a pack of 6 beers at the price of 5. The gratuity of 15% is not included in the beer packages. It also offers beer mug packages without tax and gratuity of $15.25.

If you bring the branded Cruise Line beer mug to any onboard bar, then you can also refill it to 20 oz at a price of 16 oz. By taking a token, you can also trade that mug. After finishing your stay at Cruise, you must return it to get the clean mug from the bar. You can take that mug along with you at home.

What are the Wine Packages Available on Disney Cruise Line?

The Cruise Line provides 3, 4, 5 and 7 wine bottle packages. You can save up to 25% if you take it in a package instead of buying separately. You are free to choose any wine brand from the list and pair it with your food each night.

If somehow, you are not able to finish your wine, then you can take it with you. A passenger is allowed to carry two bottles of wine. The cruise authority also provides more than one bottle to drink. It is up to you to choose and drink wine on board.

What is the Drink of the Day on Disney Cruise Line?

Every day, you can order a featured drink by using a personal navigator. You can order either alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. The alcoholic beverages will cost you $5.46, and non-alcoholic drinks will cost you $4.89, including tax and 15% gratuity. There is a variety of unique drinks that you can get on the Cruise. It also includes recipes for some special drinks.

You can order this drink anytime when you desire. One can also repeat the same drink at less price. The beer mug of 22 oz will cost you only $16.95. There are various types of beer available on the pool deck. You can also enjoy Coke products like coca-cola, diet coke, sprite zero, fruit punch, lemonade, ice tea, etc.

What is the Beverage Policy of the Disney Cruise Line?

According to the rules and regulations of the Cruise Line, you can bring sealed bottles and cans of non-alcoholic beverages like soda and water. You must use a carry bag to take it along with you. The 6-pack Dasani water will cost you $10 onboard. Some tables are set up throughout the ship to buy packs of water bottles from a collective soft-sided cooler.

You are not allowed to bring ice chests or coolers except 12 x 12 x 12 inches cooler. It is a small-sized cooler to keep medicines, baby food, and other dietary items. There are coffee machines along with milk and creamer on the ship for all the coffee lovers. You can drink coffee whenever you want. But if you wish for special coffees like lattes, expresso, etc., then

you can have to pay extra. You can also purchase a coffee card to get these unique coffees at a reasonable price. Your sixth coffee will be free if you use this card.

You are permitted to bring limited items on the Cruise. At the time of booking the food and drink packages, you must check the rules of the Cruise Line and what can you carry along with you. It is always better to purchase the drink package so that you can enjoy unlimited beverages at an affordable price. If you buy any drink on board, then it may cost you expensive.

What are the Gifts and Amenities on the Disney Cruise Line?

If you pre-order the beverage packages like coffee, beer, and wine, then you will get various gifts and amenities. You can also pre-order cakes, and other special gifts along with beer, wine, and water. Once purchased can also be canceled under its cancellation policy of up to 7 days with a full refund.

Disney Cruise Line offers onboard duty-free shopping. You can also shop various beverages from the port without any duty or tax. These drinks are comparatively cheaper than you buy from outside the Cruise. It includes alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic beverages like water, beer, wine, rum, juices, coffees, etc.

Final Thoughts

If you are also one of the passengers traveling from Disney Cruise Line, then you must have a query, “Does Disney Cruise offer drink packages?”. The answer is yes as it offers a variety of affordable wine, beer, coffees, water and alcohol packages. You can also carry your alcohol bottles according to the Cruise’s rules and regulations.