Does Norwegian Cruise Include Food?

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A cruise vacation is one of the joyful and enjoyable experiences for travelers. Every cruise line provides different onboard amenities and facilities. Delicious food is the basic necessity that we all desire on the cruise. But does the Norwegian cruise include food?

Does Norwegian Cruise Include Food?

Yes, all the meals are available on the Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL). You can have your breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner in the main dining room on the ship. All the buffet meals and standard food in bars/pubs are completely free on all the ships in this Line. If you are looking for free specialty dining options, then you have to spend extra on them.

You can opt for a complimentary option available on the ships. It consists of fantastic food with complimentary beverages without paying a single penny. There is a lot more to explore the menu on the cruise and extra options that you can enjoy by spending money.

What is Included in the Buffets?

All the cruise ships in NCL provide free buffets. It is open for 24 hours. They offer different types of cuisines with different themes every day. You will not get bored of eating the same food all the time. There are both veg and non-veg food available on the Norwegian Cruise Line.

There are different food sections in the buffet, such as Meat Carving, Indian section, salads, desserts and cakes, ice cream machine, specialized diets & menus, daily specials, pasta, pizza, grill, bread stations, etc.

What Beverages are Available in the Buffet?

Some basic drinks are available in the buffets like tea, coffee, water, and lemonade. In breakfast, you will get various fruit juices. You will always get orange, pineapple, tomato, and apple juice. There are exclusive bars that offer amazing cocktails and mocktails. But you need to pay money for these drinks.

How Many Dining Rooms are Available in NCL to Eat Food?

The ships in Norwegian Cruise Line have more than one dining room. You can enjoy your meals in different locations. Main Dining Room (MDR) means included restaurants onboard. Such counters are placed on the deck, inside premises, and near railings to enjoy the scenic view.

The menu and food that serves on the ship are the same. You can sit and eat food wherever you want. There is no need to make any reservation in the dining room. The flexible timings will let you have food according to your wish.

Is There any Complimentary Food in Norwegian Cruise Line Ships?

The bar or pub opens for 24 hours every day in many ships of NCL. There are comfortable seating arrangements that provide relaxed dining with delicious food. You can enjoy many complimentary packages, including food and beverages, that you can buy at an affordable price.

If you are looking for a unique taste, then you can try something different at bars. Some of the typical menu items are apple pie, cheesecake, burgers, hotdogs, chicken wings, nachos, sandwiches, chips, fish, etc.

In Norwegian ships, you will also get a noodle or Asian restaurant. It serves fried dishes and traditional soups. You can also enjoy quality snacks and meals anytime.

What Drinks are Included in the Norwegian Cruise Line Open Bar?

The open bar on the cruise ships includes many refreshing drinks. Apart from the alcoholic beverages, it provides soft drinks, juices, and coffees along with the meals. If you want to buy bottled drinks like water, lattes, coffees, energy drinks, etc., then you have to purchase them.

It is the best place to party with your friends and family. There are specific packages that you can buy when you book for a cruise. It includes delicious foods and refreshing drinks in the bar. If you are deciding to go on a cruise vacation, then you must research about the food and drinks available on the ship.

You must check the availability of the food on the cruise so that you can eat freely and whenever you desire. It is an advantage to book an excellent package with free buffets, room service, and drinks. Make sure that you have an ample amount of water with you. It is better to spend money properly on delicious and different cuisines.

Is There Any Room Service on Cruise?

Yes, room service is available in all the ships of Norwegian Cruise Line. There is no additional cost if you order food by room service. There is an expanded food menu on a complimentary basis and along with standard charges.

You can place an order by calling the room service and eat whatever you want in your room also. It is entirely free of cost and hassle.

What are the Different Ways to Book Specialty Dining on NCL?

There Are Several Ways to Book Specialty Meals. Some Are Listed Here.

  1. Phone: You can call the reservation desk from your room. There are no charges for the call, as well as the services.
  2. In-Person: You can personally book at the restaurant of your choice.
  3. Using Application: One can also download the Norwegian Cruise Line app. It is easy to book specialty meals with the help of the application. You can check other reservations as well.
  4. TV: Every cabin has a TV from which also, you can book your specialty meals anytime.

 Can You Get Specialty Meals as a Booking Perk?

Yes, you can enjoy special meals as a booking perk. In addition, you can get various exciting dining packages in the specialty restaurants. You can enjoy different cuisines from different countries. After researching about the cruise and its facilities, you can book the packages and food as per your need.

Final Thoughts

It is a big question from many people, “Does Norwegian Cruise Include food?”. You must be glad to know that it offers free food in the main dining rooms. You can enjoy different cuisines, along with specialty foods and buffets. But you have to spend money when you are dining at bars.