Does Norwegian Cruise Line Have Irons?

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Ironing removes wrinkles from the fabric and adds shine to it. After washing clothes, ironing is a must to make the fabric more presentable. Can you iron your clothes if you are going on a cruise vacation? Does Norwegian Cruise Line have irons?

Does Norwegian Cruise Line Have Irons?

No, the cruise line does not provide irons. You are not permitted to bring your own on the ship. It is mentioned in the list of rules and regulations that one can borrow irons from the steward. There is a high risk of catching fire on the ship due to irons. That’s why it is not allowed to bring your iron.

Like airlines, your luggage must be limited on the cruise. Therefore, it is better not to carry such heavy objects with you. It is advisable to bring clothes and other essential accessories. There is a facility of laundry onboard for washing and dry cleaning your clothes.

How to Borrow Irons on NCL Ships?

It is effortless to borrow irons on various ships of Norwegian Cruise Line. You can call steward or room service and ask them for irons. You can acquire the irons for a few hours, and after some time, it is a must to return them. The room service will come to your cabin to collect their irons.

There is another way to get your clothes ironed, i.e., laundry cabins. You will get everything required for your clothes. You need to pay for washing and dry cleaning your clothes. Every ship has different rates, and you can check this facility at the time of cruise booking.

Why is Iron Not Allowed on Cruise Ships?

There are many reasons due to which irons are not allowed on cruise ships. some of the listed reasons are:

  1. Fire Hazard: There is a possibility of fire hazard when you connect iron to the socket. It can cause power overloading, which may lead to a short circuit. The ship can severely put into the fire. When you enter the cruise, your luggage is entirely checked. All things that can cause fire are prohibited.
  2. Electrical Overload: There are limited electric ports in each cabin. If you connect heavy voltage iron, then it leads to electrical overload. It can cause power to shut down and even short circuits. It is very risky to connect many devices in a single cabin. It is also mentioned in the rules that you have to connect limited power sources at a time.

How to Pack Your Ironed Clothes?

If you have booked your vacation on the cruise ship, then you must know that irons are not allowed on the ship. Therefore, you need to pack your ironed clothes without any wrinkles or creases. It is better to roll your clothes than flatly pack them. Rolled clothes tend to get fewer wrinkles and creases.

It is an effective way to make more space in your bag or suitcase. You can also add your favorite dresses, casual and formal clothes for special occasions on the ship. It is a must to pack the bag smartly so that the weight of the bag must be under mentioned guidelines of the cruise. You can keep more and more things in a limited space.

What are the Packing Tips for Cruise Vacation?

A passenger must carry limited things on the cruise like in airlines. There are some essential and useful packing tips for your cruise vacation.

  1. Roll Clothes: We have already discussed the way of folding clothes. It is better to roll clothes than flatly curling them.
  2. Plastic Bags: One must carry extra plastic bags to keep wet bathing suits, dirty shoes, etc., after indulging in any occasional activities on the cruise.
  3. Shoes on the Top: It is obvious that your shoes are heavier than your clothes. So, you can keep your shoes on the top of the suitcase and crush other items below it. You can keep the socks in the plastic bag and then, in shoes, to save space.
  4. Blazer and Jackets: If you are booking a cruise vacation in extreme winters, then you must keep blazers and jackets. Make sure to fold them properly to prevent creases.
  5. Jewelry: If you are carrying any jewelry, then keep it in a compact and lightweight box without any tangles.
  6. Split the Suitcase: You need to split the space in grids to fit everything in it.
  7. Fabric Softener: One can use fabric softener and a hair dryer to make their clothes wrinkle-free. The irons are not allowed on the cruise, and it is the best way to keep them ironed.

How to Iron Your Clothes Without Using Irons or Clothes Steamers on Cruise?

According to the cruise guidelines, irons are not allowed on the cruise. But there is an effective way to iron your clothes without using irons or a clothes steamer. You need to follow some simple steps to remove wrinkles and creases from your clothes.

  1. Take one spoon of fabric softener and a cup of water. Mix these two ingredients in a spray bottle.
  2. Hang your T-shirt or any dress with the help of a hanger. Spray the mixture on it. Let it sit on it for 4 to 5 minutes and then stretch the fabric.
  3. After stretching the cloth, you will observe fewer wrinkles on it. Then, take a hair dryer and dry the wet cloth again by pulling it.
  4. When it gets scorched, your cloth will look like it is ironed. Therefore, it is a perfect way to iron your clothes without using cloth steamer or irons.

Final Thoughts

Spending vacations on the cruise is one of the enjoyable experiences. But it is essential to pack your bags according to the guidelines of Cruise Line. Does Norwegian Cruise Line have Irons? The answer is no. In almost every ship, irons are prohibited as they can cause fire hazards or short-circuits. You can borrow or use laundry services on the ship.