Does Norwegian Cruise Offer Military Discount?

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Military members and their families can also enjoy the cruise trip like ordinary people. Many ships provide discounts to them as an honor. But does Norwegian Cruise offer military discounts?

Does Norwegian Cruise Offer Military Discount?

Yes, Norwegian proudly offers military discounts to the members as well as their families. The cruise line honors them by providing amazing packages, including unique cuisines and drinks. If you are a country’s national guard, active duty military member, or who qualifies for the discount, you can book a Norwegian cruise ship with up to 10% discount.

Not everyone can indeed enjoy the discount and take their families along them. Before booking for a cruise, you must check the eligibility criteria. The one who qualifies the discounts can book various packages available on the Cruise.

What is the Qualification for the Military Discounts on Norwegian Cruises?

Norwegian Cruise provides discounts to all the active and retired military members. If you want to enjoy your vacation with family and friends, then also, Cruise offers impressive discounts. There is one condition that the Norwegian provides a discount for the cabin only.

A member can also use the ‘Sailaway’ rate that reduces fare on food and beverages. Research various booking sites that help in booking packages with different cuisines and restaurants. You can go for low rate packages along with military discounts.

At the time of check-in, the crew members will ask for the ID. Therefore, you have to keep all the essential documents and IDs that proves you a military member. You must research thoroughly about you and your family documents before booking the Cruise.

What is the Procedure to get Military Discounts?

You can book various packages through online portals of the Norwegian Cruise Line. Several third-party websites offer military packages for this Cruise. You can also visit there to book a package according to your needs. It is better to check online booking options because it provides different rates and discounts on the packages. There is a guarantee of discounts on online travel sites.

What Things You Will Love About Norwegian Cruises?

The Norwegian is the best combination of comfort and luxury at an affordable package price. Generally, the UK military books this Cruise to the Caribbean, Alaska, and Europe. There are large family suites in which six members can reside. It includes almost everything that you need. A military family can also book large Norwegian suites at sea in which there is a 3-bedroom garden villa of 5750 square feet.

The big living room can hold up to 100 persons. The packages also include all the meals in specialty restaurants and cafes. You can try different delicious food from different cuisines along with unique beverages. Kids have a separate section of water rides and gaming to engage them completely.

A member needs to spend money on specialty restaurants from $15 to $25 per person. If you want to splurge and experience your fantastic cruise vacation, then you can include special meals, buffets, and room service. If you have children below the age of 3 years, then their meals are completely free. Kids age 4 to 12 years can choose food from a complimentary menu.

Norwegian ships provide various luxurious cruise facilities to both men and women who are serving or have served in the military. Your dreams can come true by investing very little money.

What are the Free Perks at Sea?

Several free things are available in the package. Military members need to pay a discounted amount for such packages. But Norwegian offers free facilities that keep on changing with time. It is necessary to check packages and free perks from the official website of this cruise line. Here, the list of free perks at sea.

  1. Open Bar: If we talk about alcoholic beverages, then it can be expensive on the Cruise. If you are a regular drinker, then it is better to purchase a beverage package than paying extra at sea. The package during the booking can be less expensive.
  2. Free Specialty Dining: Norwegian Cruise Line consists of famous restaurants that serve different and delicious cuisines. It can cost you a lot if you visit such places at sea and have food. You can also book dining and choose restaurants according to your taste. It can extend from 1 day to any of the days your desire.
  3. Free WiFi: It is one of the expensive things on the Cruise that you will get free. You can enjoy free WiFi for 250 minutes in your cabin. There is no need to spend an extra penny on it.
  4. Shore Excursion Credit: You need to pay an amount of $50 as the shore excursion credit. If you book on your own, then it will be beneficial for you. It is $50 for every port. Therefore, it is better to book excursions so that you cannot pay double on any port.
  5. Passengers Sail Free: Sometimes, Norwegian release various offers in which family members are free in the sailing. It does not happen in all the sailing. It can be a promotional one to engage people’s attention towards it. At that time, the Cruise is free, but you have to pay government taxes. It is a great and cheap opportunity to enjoy Cruise with your family.

These are some of the free perks that you can enjoy in this cruise line. If you are a military member, then you can enjoy 10% discounts on the food and beverage packages. You must confirm the discounts from the official website as it keeps on changing all the time.

Final Thoughts

Our military serves our country, and it is also their right to enjoy with their family on Cruise. But does Norwegian Cruise offer a military discount? A military member who is serving or has served for the nation can enjoy a 10% discount on various packages. The discount percentage keeps on changing with time. You can update by checking out the official website of the Cruise Line.