How Much Does a Cruise Ship Cost?

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Cruise ships are large ocean-going vessels mostly used for vacationing. They are built to withstand the force of the sea in any condition. So, how much does a cruise ship cost?

How Much Does a Cruise Ship Cost?

Modern cruise ships are getting bigger, and no expense is spared in its design and amenities. Cruise lines are adding more attention-grabbing amenities like restaurants, pools, performance venues, and other attractions. It is costly for a cruise line to add a new cruise ship to its fleet.

Costing of a cruise ship includes the cost of shipyard labor, taxes, overall quality of the building material, and the number of cabins. Each berth on a cruise cost $200000 on average. The cabins on the “Royal Caribbean International Oasis of the Seas” cost an average of $240,000 to build, with the vessel weighing 225,300 tons.

It costs more than half a billion dollars to build a medium-sized ship that facilitates the needs of modern travelers. “The Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas” cost $1.2 billion. The largest cruise ship in the world, “The Harmony of the Seas” cost an estimated $1.35 billion.

Ships are more expensive as they get bigger. A ship with space for around 3000 passengers costs an average of $555 million. A ship with a capacity of 4000 to 5000 passengers cost $937 million. So, the expense depends upon the size of the vessel and how many passengers it can carry?

How is a Cruise Ship Built?

Major cruise lines have their inhouse shipbuilders, due to the cost of the equipment involved. The three significant shipbuilders are Meyer Werft from Germany, STX from Europe, and Fincantieri from Italy. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries operates the final of the four shipyards that can build cruise ships.

The shipbuilders operate expansive shipyards in coastal or riverside locations, which take 12 to 18 months to construct a cruise ship. Designing the cruise ship takes another year before construction begins. The most massive components like engines, propellers, and the fuel tanks go in the lower parts of the ship.

The engineers distribute the heavyweight evenly. Cabins are built separately from the rest of the vessel. Later, these cabins are transported to the shipyard and slotted into the ship.

How are Cruise Ships Designed?

Preceded by design and planning, a cruise ship might take several years. The shipbuilding is commissioned by a shipyard specialized in naval engineering while the architects design the interior work. In every phase, the process involves research and thorough testing that results in naval architecture solutions to meet stringent industry requirements.

Designers and engineers are informed by computer-aided engineering regarding diagnosis, simulations, and other relevant data. This information provides cabin manufacturers and other facilities with all the required specifications to create cutting-edge ready-to-install amenities.

Some ship segments are designed with pre-installed components and lifted into the position to save time and money. In the competitive market of cruise ships, new vessels must be unique and innovative. Modern technology provides the cruise lines to personalize each class of the ship with specialized features like wave pools, ice-skating rinks, and surf simulators.

Large passenger cruise ships also have swimming pools, spa and fitness centers, atriums, a casino, a multitude of restaurants, and much more. Modern cruise ships are more than an ocean liner as floating resorts with the best amenities.

What are the Economic Considerations in Building a Cruise Ship?

Almost all cruise ships are built in Europe and Asia. The fluctuating rate of Dollars is the determining factor around the globe. Hundreds of millions of dollars are required to make a cruise ship.

A cruise that cost a passenger between $1000 to $10000 is a good value, considering its construction cost. Every step of the shipbuilding process fulfills the requirements, and no expense is spared in creating a travel experience.

The excellent value deal of a cruise ship is only understood by the onboard customers who are enjoying the amenities on a cruise such as accommodation, meals, and activities included in the ticket price.

How are Cruise Ships Priced?

Oz cruising reported that the number of berths determines how much a cruise ship costs. But afterward, a report said that it also depends on the vessel size, onboard features and amenities, the building shipyard, and the economic state at the time.

The price of the material used in building the cruise ship, like steel, also decides the cost of it. Many cruise lines renovate the existing cruise ship rather than creating a new one. Even these renovations can hit the half-billion-dollar mark, and amenities like waterslides, circus arenas, and ice-skating rinks do not come with low prices.

What are the Factors that Increase the Cost of a Cruise Ship?

Cabins: All cabins are classified as suites in 219 square feet without any luxury standards but undoubtedly comfortable. Every cabin includes a balcony, and even lowest class cabins are 10 feet deep, which is quite large as compared to other luxury ships.

All the cabins include indulgent touches like marbles and stone bathrooms, rainfall showers, European Sleep Slumber beds, and high-end linens. Cost of $5000 per person per day consists of a two-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath suite, which includes an in-suite spa with unlimited treatments.

The master bedroom consists of a gorgeous bed and a separate living area, including a $250,000 Steinway piano.

Culinary Options: There are many fine-dining restaurants onboard, with specialty options included in the ticket price. Every passenger is entitled to have at least one dinner during their cruise.

Restaurants are elegantly decorated with a gasp-worthy floor-to-ceiling art installation along with hand-painted murals. Dishes at Pacific Rim include dim sum options, miso-glazed black cod, curried seafood laksa, and ramen noodles.

Spa: The spa offers exclusive experiences designed with red flowers, beauty products, and lifestyle companies. The company emphasizes sustainability and has created the treatments that source ingredients from the world’s seven seas.

Many treatments include the Red flower from the North Atlantic Journey, which uses sea salt from the Atlantic Ocean, which is enhanced with sea algae and Icelandic moonflower.

Inclusivity: Usually, cruise fares include virtually everything, including shore excursions, specialty dining, unlimited beverages that excludes alcohol and wines, gratuities, WiFi, fitness classes, and entertainment.

Your cruise fare depends on the suite class you choose. Your cruise might add extras like pre-cruise hotel stay, transfers to ship, hotel breakfasts, porterage, and free laundry and pressing.

Final Thoughts

In modern cruise ships, millions of dollars are spent on design and amenities. But how much does a cruise ship cost? The good-quality material used and bigger the size of the vessel decides the cost of a cruise ship.