Princess Cruises Australia Review – All You Need to Know

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The idea of traveling the world seems like a fantasy to many people, since the procedures and expenses traveling requires is more than what most people can afford.

Princess Cruises offer you the chance to explore the world. In this article, we’ll review its trips to the land down under, Australia.

Princess Cruises – Review Summary

Cruising with Princess Cruises give you the opportunity to travel to different spots of the globe.

Value For Money

3.5/5 stars

Princess Cruises can make your dream of visiting foreign countries come true, but their on board expenses can be overwhelming.


4/5 stars

Princess Cruises provide you with several forms of entertainment that aren’t exclusive to a certain age group only.


5/5 stars

Princess Cruises are equipped with a great deal of award-winning chefs.

We like

  • Having a qualified medical team on board
  • Checking immigration information
  • Not accepting unvaccinated individuals on board

We Don’t Like

  • Your private health insurance won’t cover any medical costs onboard
  • No refunds will be given in case of arriving after check-in closes

Princess Cruises are considered among the leading cruise lines present nowadays. However, due to its on board fees, you might need a bit more amount of money than you had originally planned.

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Presenting the Princess Cruises

Princess cruises offer the experience to visit 380 different destinations throughout the world's 7 continents

Founded back in 1965, Princess Cruises started off with only one ship sailing to Mexico.

Over the course of the past five decades, Princess Cruises have been steadily growing in number.

By adding a new ship every few years to their fleet, Princess Cruises fleet currently contains 17 ships and counting.

Their latest ship was built in 2019 when the fleet had welcomed their brand new companion, the Sky Princess.

They have a pretty good reputation among other cruise companies regarding their services, cruising value, and general excellence.

Princess Cruises have been awarded ‘the best cruise line’ or ‘the best cruise ship’ on numerous occasions before, and it seems like these awards aren’t going to stop anytime soon.

Who Can Get on the Princess Cruises?

Everyone has the chance to get on board with Princess Cruises, with the exception of a few cases.

The minimum age needed for a child to escort on an itinerary to Australia is one year old, and it’s preferred if the child was older than that.

Moreover, pregnant women who are above or going into their 24th week are not allowed on the cruise line, to ensure the safety and protection of both the baby and the mother from any potential harms.

Pregnant women who are less than 24 weeks into their pregnancy must bring forth a letter from a physician stating that the mother is fit to take the trip, and it isn’t going to put the baby at any risks.

What’s Included in a Cruise to Australia?

Some of the activities included in a <a href=

cruise to Australia” width=”828″ height=”499″ /> Some of the activities included in a cruise to Australia

On top of the beautiful, worthy-of-taking pictures view of the open ocean ahead of you and the brilliant starry sky at night, you can find and partake in a number of activities prepared by the cruise line.

While crossing the ocean, you can enjoy a few timeless classics acted out by performers from all around the world in the Princess’ theatre.

A book club is also accessible to anyone who likes reading as well. Just like any regular book club, you’ll be reading books and discussing your opinions about it every other day.

Those with a passion toward movies can enjoy having an enthusiastic discussions about films in the cinematic world in Princess Cruises film club.

Plus, there’s a nightclub for adults and teenagers boarding the cruise. However, anyone under the age of 18 is prohibited from entry after 11pm.

Overview of the Princess Cruises Features

Let’s dive deeper into the details of some of Princess Cruises features.

Comfy Cabins & Luxurious Suites

Princess Cruises provide you with comfortable cabins that’ll make you feel as if you’re sleeping among the clouds.

They offer accommodations for traveling families where they’ve rooms that can fit up to 4 guests. A two-bedroom suite option is available for groups of more than 5 people.

These rooms also contain an oceanview and a balcony, so you can never miss the view of the ocean.

Princess Cruises suites on the other hand, contain lounge areas, personalized services and much more that you get to experience when booking a suite.

Their suites give you the chance to sit back and enjoy the cruise, VIP style.

Delicious Delights

Princess Cruises kitchen is filled with skillful chefs that can craft any plates you have in mind.

Their dining offers allows you to enjoy their culinary pleasures with two different options; anytime dining and traditional dining.

Furthermore, no need to worry if you follow a special diet because Princess Cruises chefs will effortlessly prepare your meals.

Just make a request regarding your diet when booking your cruise, and you’ll be all set.

A Friendly Crew

With their genuine smiles and hellos, you’ll feel like you’re traveling along with your friends rather than a crew with Princess Cruises.

The friendly crew members are so good at what they do, you might start thinking that you’re the only passenger onboard.

The crew also consists of a licensed medical team that provides appropriate medical attention to patients a board.

The medical team is available around the clock in case of any emergencies occurring.

How to Make the Best out of the Cruise?

You’ll never get bored onboard with Princess Cruises, thanks to the amount of programs and activities they supply their passengers with.

Families shouldn’t miss their live entertainment segments where charmers and illusionists will blow your mind away with their tricks and acts.

For the adults boarding the ship, you can enjoy your favorite table games at the cruise’s casino.

Teens should make sure not to miss out on their High Sea Heist program where they can engage in activities that contain puzzles, solving mysteries, and searching for clues.

Children aboard can have some fun of their own as well. A camp discovery is present on the ship that includes a tree-house and an outdoor-lodge which kids can use to indulge in various activities and make new friends.


If by any means you couldn’t get on board with Princess Cruises, there are other alternatives you can put into consideration.

MSC cruises are one of these alternatives. They offer reasonable priced cruises worldwide, even to the Mediterranean.

Royal Caribbean Cruises are another to keep in mind. This cruise line provides various sales and discounts from which you can benefit from.


It’ll be a delight to board on any of the Princess Cruises heading toward your desired destination.

Not only does the Princess Cruise line ensures the safety of anyone boarding the ship, it makes sure its passengers spend a great time too.

Going with Princess Cruises is a shot you should definitely aim for if you’re considering going on thrilling adventures.