Princess Cruises or Royal Caribbean: Which One Is Better?

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If you decided to take a break from work and routine to enjoy some precious time with your family or friends, many will recommend cruises.

However, you’ll be left wondering between princess cruises and Royal Caribbean ones.

These two lines are the most luxurious and the best overall. They are preferred and favored by those looking for special, high-quality, and unique services.

However, there are some differences between the Princess Cruise and the Royal Caribbean that must be considered before picking one of these.

Whether it’s Princess Cruises or Royal Caribbean, have your best cruise ever!

Breaking it Down

I’m going to break down the main differences between these two types of cruises. I’ll be talking about the value for money, the quality of food, the services provided by the ship, facilities and the activities provided by each one.

Therefore, you can simply determine what suits you best and make an easy choice.

Services and Facilities Provided

You’ll be in the middle of the sea, so you need to make sure that the ship provides you with all the needed amenities.

Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises will take this point to a whole new level. Whatever you need or think about will be provided.

All the rooms, ranging from inside, quad cabins to the suites, are stocked with toiletries, have magical beds and provide you with 24-hour room service. You’ll be provided with wifi.

They provide hairdryers, laundry, and irons. The ship provides food, casinos, ATMs, nightlife and formal nights.

Moreover, if you have children, you don’t need to worry. It provides child care facilities.

The staff on princess cruises provide you with the best experience and work hard to provide all your needs.

Royal Caribbean

The Royal Caribbean has infinite services to enjoy and select from. If you have children, don’t worry about them because they will be entertained and spend the best time of their lives. They can enjoy the kids’ club, teen spaces, and baby’s play program.

With an extra charge, you can enjoy 24-hour room service that will meet all your demands and needs. Moreover, if you feel like you need to enjoy special food, they can have it delivered to your place.

Through the 24-hours guest service desk, you’ll find staff who will happily help you with anything you need.

You can even surprise your partner and ask for a special gift that can be delivered to your room. They offer a wide variety of gifts to choose from.

You can enjoy their laundry service for a small charge and your clothes will be delivered within 24 hours.

Winner: This is mostly a tie between both cruises!


Cabins are vital for your comfort and they must have the important facilities to make you feel at home.

Princess Cruise

They go the extra mile by leaving chocolate on your pillows, providing complimentary shampoo, conditioner, and creams. They can also provide you with fresh fruit and bathrobes upon your request.

If you would like to enjoy a drink at your private cabin, you’ll find liquor and bar packages available for purchasing.

Each room has a private safe, refrigerator and electric hairdryer.

Moreover, mini-suites will provide you a welcoming glass of champagne, a large closet, two televisions, and a sitting area.

For full suites, you’ll be offered premium services as a complimentary gift. You can enjoy using the spa, laundry services, one-time free mini-bar and access to their Disembarkation Lounge.

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean offers many categories for rooms to suit everyone’s needs and demands. There are Interior rooms, Ocean view rooms, Balcony rooms, and Virtual balcony rooms. You can enjoy their outstanding royal suite class and its breathtaking services.

There are also family cabins that come with numerous options as connecting doors to enjoy gathering with your family members.

Large rooms mainly include all the facilities you need and they come with full baths that make you feel as you never left home.

Winner: this is a tough choice, but Princess Cruises cabins are more thoughtful of the guests’ needs.

Food and Drinks

Burger, fries, and a drink on the Princess Cruises

Since you’ll be depending on the cruise for all the meals provided, you need to make sure that the quality is perfect.

Princess Cruises

On princess cruises, there is one main dining room on every ship this is for traditional dining that has fixed timing for serving food.

There is also another dining room with flexible dining time, so you can enjoy your meal anytime.

Princess cruises offer a wide variety of different foods to meet everyone’s tastes. You can enjoy the tastiest and most delicious pizza from Alfredo’s pizzeria.

There is also a partnership with the Australian Chef that brings “Crafted by Curtis” menu items. Moreover, if you’re a chocolate lover, you’ll enjoy their partnership with Chocolatier Norman’s love for an outstanding experience.

Moreover, if you’ve booked a room with a balcony, you can enjoy the ultimate balcony dining. This service is provided for an extra fee, but it totally worth the money. You’ll enjoy the best quality of food, privately by the sea. Just imagine how magical this could be.

You can also enjoy the formal night experience that takes place for at least one time per cruise. You’ll enjoy fine dining while formally dressed up. This will be a unique experience to talk about later.

Royal Caribbean

The Royal Caribbean makes you enjoy food either through fixed or flexible timing. They have an extensive variety of special food and restaurants. Some of these are included in the cruise fare like enjoying Sorrento’s Pizzeria and Cafe Promenade.

Royal Caribbean has a partnership with Jamie Oliver, the famous Italian Chef. On the Royal ships, you’ll also enjoy the opportunity of dressing up formally to enjoy formal dinner.


Winner: Again, hard to pick a winner! So let’s say that this one too is a tie!

Pool on Deck

Both cruises have pools on their decks

Both Princess cruises and the Royal Caribbean go the extra mile when we talk about activities. Since fun can’t be completed without a pool, each cruise has provided pools and different pool activities. However, the number of pools differ from one ship to another.

Princess Cruises

Most ships of Princess Cruises have at least 3 pools and five hot tubs at least. All its ships except the Pacific have one splash pool designed for kids.

Moreover, there are poolside games offered on ships sailing the Caribbean.

Adults can take a break and enjoy some private time at the adults-only sanctuary. Where you can enjoy yourself on the deck by the pool and have a sunbath. This comes with an extra fee.

Royal Caribbean

They have at least 2 pools on every ship and others have up to 4 pools. Some ships have an H2O zone.

You can even enjoy waterslide activities available on multiple ships. Big ships also provide many poolside activities on warm days as the “sexiest man” and “belly flop” competitions.


Winner: The watersports in both Cruises are amazing, but here the Royal Caribbean a slight edge.

Sports on Deck

Don’t worry about your health and fitness because you’ll enjoy various kinds of sports on board.

Princess Cruises

The types of sports that you can enjoy differ from ships to another. However, all ships have jogging tracks. Most of Princess’ ships have a basketball and volleyball court.

For golf lovers, you’ll enjoy your favorite sport on some ships.

Royal Caribbean

All the Royal ships come with a basketball court and a wall designed for rock-climbing lovers. Some of their ships have indoor skydiving, others provide zip lines activities.

Moreover, some ships have Sky Pad and a VR trampoline experience.

Winner: Princess Cruises does have a golf thing going, can’t beat that!

Nightlife Activities

fancy-looking drink

Princess Cruises

You can enjoy the princess theater show that is created by the Oscar winner Stephen Schwartz. However, this is only available on certain ships.

All ships have a night dance club where you can have a blast, dance and enjoy your favorite drinks. You can enjoy a glass of wine at Vines, where you’ll meet different people and enjoy a conversation along with wine.

There are musical shows, comedy, and magic acts. Music shows are available in every bar each night.

Royal Caribbean

You can enjoy music and dance shows on board all the ships. Occasionally, you can enjoy comedy or magic acts.

Some ships entertain you through their acrobatic performance and the gravity-defying performances.

All ships have dancing clubs. If you want to enjoy a piano performance, then the Schooner Bar is the right spot for you. If you’re in for a salsa dancing and Latin beats then you’ll enjoy yourself at Bolero’s.

Winner: Princess Cruises wins this round by a good difference. They do know their business when it comes to entertaining guests.

Final Verdict

Both ships are an extraordinary way to spend a vacation and you’ll have a huge variety of services provided to you. On both ships, you can choose from their different rooms or suits according to your budget.

Another point worth mentioning is the prices. Royal Caribbean provide cheaper prices than those by the Princess. The reason for this relates to the fact that Princess is more luxurious when it’s compared to the Royal Caribbean.

Overall, Princess Cruises wins this comparison in many ways. Whether it’s Princess Cruises or Royal Caribbean, have your best cruise ever!