What to Wear on a Cruise During the Day

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Deciding on what clothes to pack on a cruise is a pain.  Obviously, the first thing that you might want to do is to check the dress code for your cruise liner. Almost every cruise ship has their own dress codes as indicators of what it deems acceptable attire while you are on board.

Over and above the dress codes, we have compiled a few tips and suggestions of what to wear on a cruise during the day?

Some Things to Consider for a Start

To determine what you should wear during the cruise days there are a few things you should keep in mind which we can classify as under:

Weather & Climate

Make sure you chose your clothing based on the port stops and the prevalent climates in the regions that you will be covering. For cold climates, full sleeve shirts, jackets, and pants shall work.

And while cruising through hot and sultry climates half-sleeve shirts and shorts shall be perfect. While cruising through varying climates and port cities, you might want to pack appropriately to help you cope up with the temperature and sailing conditions.

Activities While You Are Off the Ship

Choose your clothing based on what you would like to do while you get off the cruise to the port stops.

This includes comfortable footwear while you explore the beaches, your swimsuits, and other casuals if you wish to go shopping while in the port cities.

So, the idea is to ensure you take clothes for all the activities that you plan to do with ease.

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Dress Code for the Evening or Dining

If you have checked your ship’s dress code and if they have a particular evening dress code for the dinner, carry some suitable formals. Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes with relaxed waistbands while you are in the restaurants savoring some of the best delicacies onboard.

Keeping the above as the basis of classification we will now list the tips and some clothing ideas throughout the day based on whether you are onboard or off the ship. Let’s take a look.

Some Tips for a Perfect Cruise Attire

You will not be sleeping in your staterooms the whole time while on your cruise, so throughout the day you will be engaged in different activities or being at different places, be it on the deck or in the restaurants or on the beach during a port stop.

Note: based on your different activities and times of the day your attire should change.

Here are a few tips about what to do during various times of the day.

While On Board

While you are on the ship enjoying the cruise from the deck, or at the restaurant you might want to keep it sweet and simple. Following the dress code is recommended and based on that you can choose what to wear.

Women can wear casual tops with matching bottoms and a couple with a necklace or a scarf for more formal evenings. Men can include comfortable casual shirts along with the flowery Hawaiian shirts ideal for any cruise.

Carry a fleece sweater to counter the chilling AC on the ship. And trust me, the AC is ALWAYS turned on. Carry shorts or pants to keep you comfortable while on board. Women can include a pair of sandals and men can pack some deck shoes while they are on the deck.

While on an Excursion

When you get off to the port cities, you want to wear something comfortable to allow you to go shopping, hiking, visiting local attractions, exploring the beach and everything else.

Women can include their favorite colorful tops matching with your pants or shorts. If you sense, it’s about to rain a raincoat would be a good idea. Sneakers and comfortable mesh or walking shoes are perfect if you are about to explore the beach.

Men can carry simple casual shirts, pants, shorts, etc. A light jacket is a good thing to keep to fight the winds. Walking shoes and comfortable sneakers shall be your footwear. Include swimwear while you are on a beach location.

Don’t forget to carry your sun protection gear that includes sunscreen, sunglasses and even a hat both for men and women.

While on the Ship for Dinner

This is where the clothing turns formal from casual. This often has to be planned as per the dress codes which are usually either casual dinner, formal or smart casual.

Women can wear summer dresses, cardigans, evening gowns, tops or even a dark jean with a nice top or a blouse to match the dress code. Add some stylish jewelry or accessories that can enhance the entire outfit. A scarf and a pair of smart heels will lend the finesse and glamor for that perfect evening.

Men can wear tailored shirts, suits or tuxedos, along with a tie and cufflink. A pair of smart shoes and a smart blazer adds that perfect formal look. However, you can also wear a sports jacket for that casual touch.

Apart from the above tips, you may be out playing water sports and other games on and off the ship so based on that include the clothing you think that should be perfect for such adventures. Goggles, wetsuits, boy short bottoms and paddleboard shoes are some items to include.

Final Words

Now that we have covered the whole day on the cruise based on the activities it might be clear on what to wear on a cruise during the day. The list and the recommendations are indicative and based on these suggestions you can pick what suits you the best.

No matter what you wear but ensure you look perfect in that perfect outfit your perfect cruise vacation.